Pool Cleaning Service for Austin, TX

ASP Austin Swimming Pool Maintenance Account

We are the nation’s most well-known and respected pool cleaning service. Our service is defined as weekly pool cleaning and water chemistry maintenance; however we do have a program to fit any budget. Our pool cleaning service program can include weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly service. Again, our goal is to provide the pool owner with a quality pool cleaning service at economical prices.

Our pool cleaning service is comprehensive as we do not want the pool owner to have to do anything other than enjoy their swimming pool. Here is our pool cleaning checklist:

  • We will check the water level upon arrival and add water while we are servicing the pool.

  • We will check the pool water chemistry to ensure that the proper levels are in balance, and we will make any adjustments necessary by adding the appropriate chemicals needed.

  • We will empty skimmer baskets, and if applicable the automated pool cleaners debris bag.

  • We will skim the pool surface to remove any debris.

  • We will brush the pool walls and floor.

  • We will vacuum the pool if necessary.

  • We will service the pump, filter, chlorinator and any other equipment to ensure they are working properly.

  • We will empty the pump’s hair and lent basket and backwash the filter if applicable.

  • We will provide you with digital documentation of our pool cleaning service visit with an email of chemical readings and a picture of your clean swimming pool and/or spa.


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